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Hong Kong re-invoicing services

Updated on October 2018

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Our team will prepare pro-forma invoices, export documents, reconcile sales with purchasing costs etc… Hong Kong re-invoicing services are part of a pool of administration services that we could handle for our clientele on time-sheet basis.

Trademark registration Hong Kong

Register a trademark in Hong Kong will protect the trademark but also give some substance to the company, allowing you to add value to services and products and to engage the company in royalties’ schemes for tax optimization from Hong Kong.

For trademark registration in Hong Kong our team will help you to define the class (product category and distinctive elements such as the graphic representation of your trademark) and to conduct all the process. Trademark registration in Hong Kong cost as low as USD 950 per class.

Hong Kong registered design

A good complement or alternative to give value to your brand and substance to your

Hong Kong company. Hong Kong registered design will protect the visual appearance, the esthetic and the shape.

Hong Kong registered design will only work well if the design is NEW will be industrially produced.

Find a business partner in Hong Kong or China

We are living and working in Hong Kong since many years, with an entrepreneurship experience in Europe so we understand the difficulties of starting a new venture in the city.

We provide short-cuts to find a business partner in Hong Kong or in China as we benefit from a large business network, an entrepreneurship experience while having a legal approach in optimization strategies.

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Tax optimization from Hong Kong should be based on real business we support you in building substance to protect your legal position while offering you opportunities to grow your business.

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